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The Problem

Tracking claims can be confusing

Even the people that are experts at filing claims - hate doing it. When filing a claim, it can be hard to know if and when it will be resolved. With no clear timelines and limited communication, many end up waiting for months with no insight or updates.


The Solution

Follow along with our claims tracker

Our streamlined claims engine gives you visibility into your claims’ status at every step. Frequent updates and notifications about how your claim is being handled make it easy to stay up to date.


Product Benefits

Transparent Communications

Submit and track claims on your dashboard. Always be in the know with frequent email and SMS updates along the way.

Faster Workflows

Automate processes where needed through pre-built claims workflows and rule-driven automation logic.

Offload Your Team

Our network of claims adjusters and advocates handle your claims, all so your team can focus on customer service and retention.

Fraudulent Claim Scoring

We evaluate claims to assess the likelihood it was filed fraudulently. Results are turned into an easy to use claims score.


“At Oxford, risk selection in most important when choosing our insured partners, Lula’s underwriting platform and process made that decision very straight forward for us. Oxford will continue to support Lula’s shared mobility platform with new and innovative insuring solutions.”

Shelly Duhaime

Oxford RMG

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