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Slash Sales and Support Costs

Cut your sales and support costs by as much as 70%, while increasing output.

Never Miss a Customer Call

Our Generative AI tools turns you into a 24/7 shop, making missed calls a thing of the past.

Transparent & 
Predictable Pricing

Straight-forward pricing tiers. Absolutely no hidden fees.

Instant Onboarding & Easy Access

AI that integrates with a click and can be configured and calling customers in just minutes.

What We Do

Insurance isn’t known for leading revolutions. We’re changing that.

LULA built the first Generative AI specifically for the nuanced world of Insurance, and it’s first use case is GAIL. GAIL is an Insurance AI that engages with Customers and prospects indistinguishably from a human—using Voice, SMS, and Email.

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Our Technology

Work smarter, not harder

Our technology enables Insurance sellers—primarily Insurance Agencies and Companies—to get the mundane, repetitive, and tedious tasks off their back. We believe that doing so opens up more time to focus on high ROI tasks, like closing deals.

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“My market is competitive. AI is the key to standing out for agency owners seeking to enhance client experiences.”

Alexis Gutierrez

New Era Insurance

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