Insurance Infrastructure for Today’s Economy

Companies of all sizes - from startups to multinational corporations - use LULA’s software and APIs to handle all of their insurance needs, from industry standard coverage and policy management, to claims handling and more.

Who we work with
Insurance Reimagined

A fully integrated suite of insurance tools

We bring together everything that is required to build and maintain a viable insurance program. LULA’s technology powers insurance for car rental companies, trucking and logistic companies, car sharing platforms, rentals for military personnel, and everything in between.

Working with LULA means reducing your overhead expenses and number of headaches. From fraud detection, to policy management, to claims handling, LULA's technology and Insurance partners take care of it all.


Affordable Pricing

As a direct result of working with us, our customers may reduce their monthly expenses by up to 40-50%.

Standard  Coverage

We partner with multiple A rated carriers that provide the industry standard coverage that your business needs to operate.

Risk Assessment Tools

Our systems analyze 70+ risk metrics in real time, helping you run your
businesses in a safer, more efficient manner.

Claims Management

LULA's partners with industry leaders to manage your claims, and to reduce your number of headaches.

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Designed for Simplicity and Ease of Use

The world’s most powerful
and easy-to-use Insurance API

Our API grants you access to the full suite of products and services.

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Insurance Coverage

Keep your customers in your platform. Easily integrate Lula’s insurance in your company’s workflow.


Trucking & Logistics

Rental Fleets

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