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GAIL is a voice powered AI tool that is capable of having human like conversations; built to lower Customer Acquisition and Support costs.

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The First Generative AI for Insurance

Built for the World of Insurance

GAIL understands the standard rules, laws, and terminology of the insurance industry.

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Insurance DNA

GAIL was built by LULA, the country’s fastest growing Insurtech that has supported more than 5,000 companies with their Insurance tools.

Generative Voice

Human like AI that utilizes voice to sell to prospective buyers and to service existing customers.

Insurance Focussed

GAIL was built with the specific focus on bringing Generative AI to the very nuanced world of insurance.

Help, Not Replace

GAIL is built to increase your company's output without hiring more.

Efficient Problem Solving

GAIL wasn't built to follow trends, but was to use Generative AI to solve real problems felt by those in the world of insurance.


Built by LULA to help its own business, now available to the public to use Generative AI for improving Sales & Support

How It Works

See GAIL in Action

GAIL is capable of supporting customers in variety of languages even in a single call.

El Professor

Servicing a Customer in Spanish

Click below to hear El Professor from Casa De Papel (Money Heist)™ service a customer in need.

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GAIL is like having the perfect employee who was built by hand for you. Secure your spot on the waitlist today and get early access soon!

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