LULA Safe Customer Support

Support & Services Developer Production Enterprise
Pricing Free 4-6% of monthly usage 6% of monthly usage
P1 Response Time N/A 3 hour (8/5) 1 hour (24/7)
P2 Response Time N/A 6 hours (8/5) 3 hours (24/7)
P3 Response Time N/A 9 hours (8/5) 6 hours (24/7)
Onboarding and adoption resources N/A Offline support via ticketing system Dedicated single threaded support
Email Support N/A Yes Yes
Dedicated Support Engineers N/A N/A Yes
Live Chat Support N/A Yes Yes
Phone Support N/A Yes Yes
Business Review Meeting N/A N/A Quarterly
API Status Notification N/A Yes Yes

Priority Levels

Ticket Priority Issue Status Developer Production Enterprise
1 Business Critical N/A Within 3 business hours Within 1 hour (24x7)
2 Degraded Service N/A Within 6 business hours Within 2 hour (24x7)
3 General Issue N/A Within 9 business hours Within 3 hour (24x7)

Priority Level Categorization

The priority level of a ticket you submit is used to determine what your response time will be.